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beware tigers.
Ana Teresa Barboza


need to repurchase these books and need to research the writer(s)

shit haunts me til today son, love that feeling

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Marshmallows shouldn’t go camping


Some billboards get a lot more creative than others. 


Everyday Objects Blended With Simple Sketches


Doorway to type nirvana?
I love this close up of a mural by Colossal Media, in Williamsburg, New York. The sign painters are well-known for their enormous outdoor murals, art projects and advertising images. Always hand-painted and often hundreds of feet off of the ground.
This is photo is from their Big Brush Project, a public art initiative showcasing their work. It was produced in collaboration with NYC-based lettering artist Greg Lamarche and reads Sky High Murals.

“Greg’s technique of hand-cutting found letters was a perfect compliment to the precision-based, hand-paint production method. This piece speaks greatly to the evolution of this community, the art world, and the hand-paint story.”